Saint Maur Abbey's Choir




Origins and Presentation

The Choir was born in Anjou, on the banks of the River Loire, inside the walls of St Maur Abbey, in 1973.

Once upon a time, a priest of this Abbey had the dream of a huge singing crowd marching on toward the Abbey, to sing the Glory of almighty God.

Three nuns who were also music teachers, decided that such a challenge was worth the energy they showed, to make this dream a reality.

One of them was Sister Noëlle COTILLON, who has been the Choir conductor since then, and has today brought the Choir to an acknowledged high quality level, with amateur singers.

Not less than a hundred persons, aged 20 to 93, now sing in the choir.

Most of them live in Angers and suburbs, but some come from all parts of Anjou County to join the choir.

They meet almost every Saturday night for rehearsals in Angers, and newcomers are warmly welcome.

Their program mostly consists in sacred music (Mozart-Bach-Handel-Purcell….)

But they also enjoy quality modern songs, gospels, and Christmas Carols.

They are lucky enough and very proud of their friendly links with a few musicians from celebrated orchestras, who give them the honour and pleasure to accompany them in concerts.

They use to sing in churches: in the little Loire valley village as well as the prestigious Abbeys or even Cathedrals, such as in their tours, to Quebec some years ago and to Wales for their 'àth anniversary in 2014….


Choir Singer and President